Choosing Wall-Coverings

Adding  a wall-covering will not only add color to any room, but it will enrich the space as well.  It is important to walk into a space, and feel at ease.  This can be achieved by adding the right colors and textures throughout the space, and the right wall covering will only help create this sense of comfort.   Selecting wall-coverings can be harder than picking paint, since you are picking color and pattern.   Start by making a design board that includes all of the fabrics, furniture, finishes, and art that will be used in the room.  I also like to include inspiration pictures to direct the mood and help keep me on track.  Wall-coverings can be a big commitment in a home, however, choosing the right one can add style and sophistication.  Now, I understand wall-coverings can be scary territory for some, but I want to share with you some tips that will change your mind. The Right Type of Wall-Covering If the wallpaper is for a room such as the bathroom or kitchen, it must be washable and water-resistant.  Consider using a vinyl, vinyl-coated or paper-backed vinyl wallpaper.  Do not consider a paper or fabric wall covering for any areas that may get wet, humid or need to be cleaned. If you have rough walls, old, cracked plaster or even paneling, some textured wall coverings are designed to be painted over. Paintable wallpaper comes in a huge variety of textures, and is perfect for covering up those imperfections. Also, now is the perfect time to paint your ceiling and trim if it needs to be redone.  It is much easier to do before hanging.  If you decided your trim does not need to be repainted, be sure the wall coving choice matches the trim/ceiling color. Choose the Right Color and Pattern With so many wallpaper choices, the best way to decide on color, texture and pattern is to consider some of the following thoughts:

  • If your room gets little light, it is better to choose paper with a warmer color palate.
  • If there is a room/area in your home that does not get a lot of traffic,  try some interesting textures such as foils, fabrics or flocked wallpapers; they are both delicate and beautiful.
  • If you have larger walls, consider a larger pattern because they tend to shrink the space, and make the space more intimate.
  • If you want to add height, consider a striped covering.  Stripes are tricky to pull off, however, if you have the right room, it will add height and really make your space striking.
  • If you want to add an accent wall, a wall covering is the perfect way to add dynamic patterns, color, and texture.
  • If you are a bit timid, know that walls do not have to be completely covered, and borders can go places other than the top of the wall.  Try hanging borders a foot from the ceiling, or around a door.  You can even mix patterns.

Lastly, keep in mind that wall-coverings are not forever.  Gone are the days when it was easier to take out the wall than remove old wallpaper.  Today’s wallpaper is easy to apply and remove. If your tastes change in a few years, it is no big deal.  It can always be changed.


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