Color, Fashion, and Interiors

Color, Fashion, and Interiors

Fashion dictates much of the color and pattern choices in interior design. We all know how fast fashion changes season by season. In architecture and interior design, you’re trying to be timeless, but in fashion you’re trying to be of the moment. We try to combine fashions inspiration into a timeless design. Not only do we love fashion and all of its idiosyncrasies, but we find constant inspiration from it which translate into our interiors. Be it color combinations, shapes, stitch details or even a pattern.

In general, a palette that has a good amount of highs and lows and we enjoy colors that have a high amount of saturation. What we mean by saturation is the intensity of the hue. A common mistake is being very bland about the chosen hue. When the color lacks intensity, it tends to look very institutional and uninviting. Unless you have amazing architecture that can hold its own and does not require color to embellish it, or you are a severe minimalist, the color does not need to be that strong. We do not subscribe to painting small rooms a light color. Embrace the coziness of an intimate space and surround yourself with warmth and color. We can always add mirrors and lights to make a small room feel bigger.

Fabric is another great way to bring in color. If there is a busy pattern picking out a color from the pattern can pull a whole scheme together. It is wonderful to spread the small nuances of color that is in a pattern throughout the room by using it with different materials. Let’s say you have a pillow that has a green base with a pink and orange paisley pattern, pick up the pinks and oranges with accessories and draperies and then use a strong base color for paint. With a strong color scheme, we suggest using a natural, neutral. For example, orange pairs beautifully with a warm gray and deep browns can settle down any palette. Black can be the answer to make a more serine palette pop and of course white is a fresh touch that can be a relief to the eye.


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