Interesting Color Matches: Green and Blue

Interesting Color Matches: Green and Blue


Summer is in the air and what a perfect time to think blue and green. Like the annual blossoming of the season, so is the resurgence of timeless blues & greens.  The old saying, “Blue and green must not be seen without a color in between” does not necessarily hold water in my book.  You will see countless scenarios where these colors are used exclusively with neutrals (grays/taupes/off whites) as well as “with colors in-between” as the saying goes.  For some, green is a color that is shunned with a fervent dislike.  However, if people could only see that right shade can compliment so many colors, especially blues.   Green and Blue are both a part of nature and after all, green is made up partially from blue.  Think about the yellow-greens of the first blooms in Spring on our trees against a crisp clear blue sky, it really is uplifting and promising.


So, why not perk up your space this Summer with an infusion of Blue and Green?

Interesting color matches make interiors more interesting. The rich blue and green look great together in many various combinations. There are many ways of completing the blue green color scheme to make it perfect for your room. Blue is a very popular color and is what I call a safe color to use with interior decorating.  Everyone knows that green – the color of life. It is the color of nature, grass, trees. That is why the green color can make in the pacification of the situation and give the owner a sense of confidence and security. Most times the third color is white and used for door and window frames and accentuating other architectural details.  Nevertheless, it is the green brings life and air in the atmosphere at home. And even if you are not very fond of him, do not forget about the plants – at least a bit of greenery in the room is always a piece of joy and good mood.  Green, located in the spectrum between blue and yellow awakens the awareness of life. it makes us  feel very active and updated, because green is associated with growth and evolution.

Choose interesting hues of both colors and make sure they match well. Decide on which color will go on walls and furniture. You can also throw in some neutral color that will help add depth to the design.  We like to use samples to see how the two colors look next to each other and whether or not they suit the room’s mood.


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